Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mad scientists & lesson learned

I'm sure you have heard of and probably have seen the "reaction" when you drop Mentos into diet pop. But for those of you who haven't, just stay tuned. Brayden and Lexi are really into various experiments and of course, we had to invite Whit and Livi over to join in the fun.

Down to business. First Scott had to find a level place that was not going to spray the pop all over everything and leave a big sticky mess. No place better than the middle of the backyard.

Scott got it all ready, all he had to do is pull the cord and watch out.

Here it is........................... the grand EXPLOSION!!

And finally, the mad scientists.

And, my two mad scientist. Happy they got to do another experiment.

I can't end this post without telling why the explosion occurs. So according to Wikipedia, "The reason that the soda erupts so violently from the bottle is actually twofold: a decrease of the surface tension of the soda (due to dissolving Mentos), and an increase in nucleation sites (sites where bubbles of CO2 can form) within the bottle (due to the rough Mentos surface). Both of these factors make the carbon dioxide in the soda less likely to stay dissolved and more likely to become gaseous. The fountain effect is from all of the CO2 going from dissolved to gaseous at once, and at a great rate." Science really never was one of my things.

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