Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Traditions

This year Brayden and Lexi returned home from Grandma and Grandpa's house to find a new friend. "Frosty" is their friend who watches them everyday and then reports back to the North Pole each night and relays what type of day they had to Santa Claus. Each morning Frosty relocates himself and patiently waits for Brayden to find him. He has been just about everywhere in our house, even swinging from the kitchen chandelier.

Lexi is patiently counting down the days until Christmas by cutting loops off of a bell she brought home from school. It's a big help in explaining to her just how many days there STILL are until Santa comes.

(Leigh this is for you) The bell reads:

Each night before Christmas
after prayers have been said
take off one loop
and hop into bed.

When Christmas will come
"tis easy to tell
for that is the night
you come to the bell.

And as for me, I have begun the annual ritual of baking cookies. I think in the past two days/nights I have baked more than 12 dozen cookies. More impressive, I think I have only had four or five cookies during the entire process. All of the baking is motivated by Lexi and Brayden beginning Christmas break in two days and a desire to give their teachers something beside the normal lotion and candles.

Be on the lookout for a blog dedicated to my recently unleashed creativity and maybe a shot of just how I am able to find 12 dozen cookies on my table.

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