Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Soccer has begun

So if you know Lexi, you know she doesn't really want to do anything....except watch tv, color, read and get her nails painted. So recently she decided she was going to play soccer and we really expected her to back out at the last minute...but to our surprise she didn't.

So last Monday was the 1st practice and saying it didn't go so well is an understatement. She warmed up, introduced herself and then began to cry. There was identifiable reason why she lost it but she did and she never went back onto the field. So anyway, here she is right before practice began.

I am happy to report Lexi had another practice this week and it went sooooooooooooooo much better. Granted, I had to stay on the field with her and pretty much practice with her but hey, there were no tears and lots of smiles. Saturday is her first game and I'm hopeful it goes as well as yesterday. Please keep her (and me) in your prayers.

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