Friday, May 8, 2009


Here is what, and who, I am to my beloved son.

I am 65 years old because he couldn't remember how old I really was.

I am prettiest when I am around Scott because I just am.

I like to talk with my friends because he (Brayden) sees me doing that.

I always tell him he is handsome because I really always do.

I am funny when I giggle but he couldn't tell me why.

And one last note, he used red and brown markers for my hair (which didn't really show up in the picture) because sometimes it looks brown and sometimes it looks red.

So moving on to my favorite daughter.

According to Lexi...

I had her when I was 10 (almost 11).

I am anorexic (if not dead).

I am Bryanna.

I like a fast food restaurant I hardly ever eat at.

My closet is not nearly as colorless and dreary as I thought.

I love a book which teaches her and I how to be "fancy"

and yes,I do like to look at magazines.

Don't you think I am lucky to have kids with such interesting perspectives on me?

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Double Dees in SC said...

Those are hysterical! I love their answers! Dagen just did one for me this year and had some answers that I have NO idea where they came from but they are precious!