Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Brayden

I can not believe that Brayden is six years old and how fast the time has passed. Some times it only seems like yesterday that I was pregnant and having a "family meeting" with Scott & my dad about whether or not we should go to the hospital or go to the doctor's office. Ultimately, after one large gush of water, I decided we were going to the hospital. Then, after so many hours and into the night, Brayden was born. He was such a big boy....10 lbs 5 oz and 23" long but seemed perfect.

And over these six years, he has proven to be a great big brother, who can be tender hearted and an agitator, a gentleman in making, and a boy I'm proud to call my son.

So for his sixth birthday, Brayden wanted to do a few or a lot of things....which of course, Scott and I made sure he got to do.

Just a quick glimpse into his celebrations.

Golf anyone????

Japanese steakhouse???

A pizza party at school...

Happy Birthday big boy!! May all your dreams come true and may you have many more happy birthdays. I love you.

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Double Dees in SC said...

Happy Birthday Brayden! He is such a handsome little man.....and 10lbs??? Yikes! I bow to you! ;)