Tuesday, November 3, 2009

End of the Season Backpacks???

Another season has come and gone. Brayden had a great time playing flag football this fall but I have to admit I am glad the season has ended. As always, he had a blast learning the game, playing with his buddies (Bryson and Arden) and even caught a "granny" pass from Bryson and ran it back for a touchdown. I really wish I had a video for that game, it was a classic. But I am ready to enjoy a whole Saturday, the only day of my week, to do whatever I want and/or need to do that does not have obligations always attached to it.

We had the end of the year program the other day and unfortunately, there were no trophies. This is the first time either of my kids participated in an Upward program and didn't get a trophy. Brayden did get a purple and black backpack that he was and still is very excited about...go figure. I guess the reality is that he'll get a lot more usage out of backpack than the trophy....especially since he has used the backpack everyday since he got it.

And while I'm being honest, Brayden has yet to say one word about not getting a trophy.

And so here they are...each with a big smile, and their backpacks.

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