Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

October 2009 was a blur. I can't tell you where it went or why it passed so quickly but it has come and gone. October is always a fun time of year at our house. We have lots of decorations - mostly thanks to Grandma (thanks mom) and the kids have been patiently (well maybe patiently is not quite accurate) awaiting the day to wear their costumes.

I had the joy of helping out with Lexi's Halloween classroom party - we looked for and found ghost suckers, played pumpkin bowling, did a witches hat toss, and had a bean bag toss game (all with candy, of course). And while we had fun at the party, I just can't not include this picture from before the party when Lexi didn't want to put on her costume and was taking on some kind of "crabby patty" persona. Clearly, it's written all over her face.

Thanks to my good friend Leigh (the queen of digital scrapbooking), Brayden and Lexi had the cutest goody bags ever. I had to include pictures of these because they were sooooooo cute.

We had Scott's family and some good friends over for dinner Halloween night before we all headed to our Church's trunk or treats and then hit our neighborhood to gather all the candy possible. Here are our trick or treaters.

We had a great Halloween and are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and know that they too will pass just as quick, if not quicker, than October. So I am going to make an effort to enjoy each day before and during the upcoming holiday season.

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