Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The end of an era


I guess it's the way the world works. When something ends, invariably something else takes its place. So it is with Brayden, he has just finished up flag football. It was an interesting experience. The beginning was shaky, at best, most of the time Brayden just stood around - clueless as to what he was suppose to do. Then once Scott "bribed" him with a shopping spree at Academy, miraculously he seemed to figure it out. (For those of you who don't know what Academy is, it's a sports store where Brayden and his dad would love to spend ALL of their free time). Needless to say post-bribe, Brayden began pulling flags and even scored touchdowns. Of course, when the season ended he was thrilled to add a new trophy to his collection (of 2)

So today, the new era began. Scott has asked Brayden if he wanted to go deer hunting several times since the season began in mid-August and although he always said yes, he never actually would go. Today, all of that changed. He got all of his camo gear on and headed to the forest with Scott. I should also note that Scott told Brayden if they went hunting they would stay until it became dusk (which was at least 2 hours) and I believe he also said something about bringing handcuffs and duct tape. The good news is I don't think he had to use them although, Brayden did admit it "was hard to stay quite."

Three hours after I watched Brayden and Scott leave home, I was met by Brayden who could hardly wait to tell me what he saw. He was so excited he saw a baby doe and a flying turkey. Imagine what would have happened if Scott had killed something, I don't think Brayden would have been able make it all the way home without bursting. There is no denying hunting will be one of Brayden's passions in life, just as it is his dads. Father like son...and so it goes.

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