Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Up in flames

So today, I experienced an event I never thought I would endure and for that matter, something I've never known anyone else to endure. My car caught fire today. Yep, you read right. Somehow, some part of my brake engaged, never disengaged and after excessive heating caught on fire. Luckily, I recognized something was wrong when I was not able to go over 20 mph but I had no idea what the problem was. I pulled into the entrance of a local business (so that the other people heading to work would not be late because of me or experience road rage because the speed limit was 45 mph) and there is where I saw the smoke coming out from under my hood and front tire. Quickly, I put the car in park, turned off the engine and hopped out. Then I saw the flames shooting out of the front, drivers' side wheel.

I admit it, I panic for a second before asking one of the employee's from the business for a fire extinguisher. I quickly retrieved my purse and company lap top. Then it hit me, I had a few Christmas presents in the back, as well as, several hundred dollars of products from a recent home show I hosted. Luckily the flames somehow extinguished themselves and I was left with a car that smelled awful but did not show any signs that it was recently on fire. So of course, the fire department came and checked it out and then Scott came to pick me up. Now if he were telling this story, he would note that when he received my call telling him my car was on fire and I needed him to come right away, he had a buck in sight. Of course, it's my fault he didn't get to shoot it but I think my car shooting flames out from the wheel is a very good excuse, don't you? The good news is, I am okay and my car is going to be okay.

PS If you don't have a fire extinguisher in your car, get one, because if my car can catch on fire you just never know what could happen to you.


Anonymous said...

Hey cuz! Great to catch up on what you and the family have been up. Nice idea to do the blog, it'll give me something to check up on when I'm procrastinating here at school...haha.
Hope all is well down south! I'm getting ready to go home for the big 21 bday on Thanksgiving and can't wait to see my hometown friends! Love ya!

Amy Wallace said...

LOVE IT!!! The blog and the story!

MEL said...

Hey Bry that happened to me in high school scared the crap out me. The kids are cute as can be. I am in Fl but gearing up for my dads big retirement party next Sat. I am of all week. YOu guys need to come down and visit. Maybe we can get together over the holidays