Saturday, November 15, 2008

Luck...what luck?

So obviously I have done something to someone and have messed my karma up. I mean how can you explain the pure, horrible luck I have experienced in the last 10 days. We all know my car caught on fire, I got it back only to have to have it towed the very next day because the brakes were smoking again!!!! I got my car back today, drove it briefly and all seems well. (Please God, let it really be fixed).

Then I came home, decided to put away all of my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations since we are leaving for DC next week. Only problem, I left a small plastic package on the track of the garage door. Which wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't opened the door. But thanks to the big, dark, black cloud over my head, when I opened the door, the plastic package kept the door from going all the way up. Since the door couldn't go all the way up, the tracks bent trying to compensate and one of the rollers fell out. I am grateful for my incredible neighbors who came right over and someone helped me get the door as close to down as possible. If you look at the right side is down but the right side is about a foot off of the ground...sounds nice, huh? In the midst of this disaster, we lost power. And of course, we didn't lose power for a short period of time, oh no, we lost power for 5 or 6 hours. I am so hopeful that my bad luck will pass because I don't think I can handle much more emotionally or financially. It is only 6 weeks until Christmas. Do you think Santa can bring me a money tree to plant in the backyard????

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Leigh Theo said...

Awe...we're thankful for you, too. Funny how it wasn't two months ago when we had to call you guys in the same sort of predicament!

You know they say everything happens in're at three now; you can stop.

Glad we could help and hopefully that will be the end of the bad luck.