Monday, December 7, 2009

The first week of Christmas

So December has been busy so far and today is December 7th. We are trying something new this year (thanks to the Family Fun magazine) and created a calendar which has an activity listed each day for the the month of December. To date, we have made snowflakes, picked out and decorated our tree, watched Frosty the Snowman, made our Christmas lists, saw Santa, Lexi & Brayden have bought and wrapped each other presents. So like I said busy. I still have yet to get out Christmas cards, Christmas calendars or decide where in the world we are going to celebrate Lexi's 5th birthday. Did I mention her birthday is in 12 days. Now if it were not December this may not be that big of a deal but timing is a big deal this time of year. It's definitely on my list for tomorrow....keep your fingers crossed. The real delayed is Lexi can't make up her mind where she wants to go. Stay posted.

Speaking of the birthday girl. Here she is surrounding herself with Hallmark's musical snowmen...gotta love hearing them all at once.

I had to include this moment where they donned themselves Santa's helpers (and were getting along well).

The feeling of Christmas is really around the house. I forgot to mention we have a visiting elf named Frosty, who watches Brayden and Lexi during the day and then flies to the North Pole and reports what type of day they had to Santa. So every morning they awake and run around the house until they find him. So far he's been spotted in the Christmas tree, in Brayden's fish bowl and in Lexi's shutters (just to name a few places). We also are doing an Advent far the highlight from the house had been this past Sunday when St. Nick left a card telling them to look in their shoes. Of course, in their shoes they found fruit and nuts - which they thought was hilarious. So that is a wrap and the highlights of the first week of December. Stay turned for what craziness the next seven days may bring.

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Double Dees in SC said...

Such fun ideas! I might have to 'borrow' a few. We love Elf on the Shelf, too!