Monday, December 14, 2009

The second week of Christmas

So here's a recap of the last seven days....all I can say is WOW was it busy. The kids had their Christmas program and they did awesome. Scott and I were very proud of them. They made snowflakes, their own Christmas cards, snowman soup - which is also known as hot chocolate and includes a Hersey kiss and a candy cane. This weekend we made a ginger bread house and have been enjoying the candy on it ever since. It is by far the best house we've ever made. In the past, it either hasn't maintained its shape or became so hard the candy was no good.

See for yourselves - they were so proud of their creation. They did decide to add another layer of frosting around the rim of the plate, which of course, had more candy on it and was the first to be eaten.

Scott and I went to see the Rockettes as a part of my birthday celebration. The show was amazing, I had no idea that there was going to be so much more than the girls and their high kicks. I tried to take a picture to share but it was too dark for my camera.

So now it is time to take my cookies out of the oven. I have 3 more types still to bake and will recruit Brayden and Lexi to help with some tomorrow. Stay tuned to see what the next seven days bring.

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